Helping governments Automatically
monitor and control snow plow
activities and operation while tracking weather conditions and quality standards.

Live monitoring Real-time monitoring of active and inactive snowplow vehicles

The feature is based on a geospatial motion analysis algorithm which determines the success rate of snowplow operator based on the government regulations.This feature enables each operator to actively monitor the movement of the equipment. The system capacity allows tracking of 20,000 machines in real time.

Reporting Powerful analytics and reporting engine built-in

The system generates various detailed reports based on weather, road segments, road types, snowplow responsibility, regions, budget, etc. System operators can track information on segments which are not covered during hard weather conditions based on the internal regulations. This allows operators to apply financial penalties and generate official reports based on GPS data.

Weather data in a digital format Integrated weather data information from different sources, including snowing and rain information

This feature allows monitoring and recording of meteorological data for each road segment. The system provides more than 10 official weather sources and allows users to integrate their own sources. This provides a new generation of snowplow process reports.

Next generation Geo server Next level GIS core database using road segmentation with unmatched resolution

The GNSS technology system for processing and tracking is based on a geospatial database. Road network data and internal regulations on winter maintenance levels are imported in a geospatial format, including road types. Geospatial data is divided into small segments and it describes the location of any point, line or object in the coordinate system of the world.