Turn your device in the ultimate accident protector

Make your phone track real-time your speed and accelerometer vibrations while driving and call an ambulance in case of emergency

What is it?

We keep track real-time of three things - your current speed, your location and the phone accelerometer vibrations.

In case of a sudden change in any of these elements, a special algorithm determines whether or not it's a case of an accident and sends automatically a call for help to your location.

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How it works?

Tracking Tracking


We track your speed while driving via GPS coordinates in the background

This allows us to know your current speed at any time and therefore take care of you in an eventual accident.



The app detects if there is a sudden change in the current speed and in the accelerometer vibrations

Special algorithm determines if the detected speed and accelerometer change is an accident or not and takes immediate actions.

Action Action

Taking action

In case of an accident the app automatically calls an ambulance to your location

We will call an ambulance for you, that you can cancel or confirm.

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